Classy Plumbers Services

Faulty Faucets

A dripping tap is persistent, one drip per second equals 9842 litre a year. This is repaired by either fixing a Worn O-ring, Old Catridge (Aerator) or Bad Valve Seat / Washer.

Leaking Pipes

Copper pipes are stronger than PEX. Although copper pipes are susceptible to corrosion, they also expand & contract under extreme temperatures causing it to break, while PEX pipes flex.

Toilet Issues

Toilet Tank leaks go unnoticed when water leaks inside & down the drain, the rubber flapper loses shape & fails to seal the tank. Sometimes the flapper chain gets twisted, then the flapper doesnt sit flush

Gyser Problems

A dripping geyser is one of the most common geyser problems as well as an overheating geyser, Water not hot enough or no hot water at all & water leaking through the ceiling.

Sewer Problems

Sewer systems can get backed up, when a sewer line gets clogged, it can cause all drains to become clogged. When every flush act like a clog the sinks pools water. We are the best in prevention to sewer problems.

Water Pressure Weak

Besides a leaky faucet, low or weak water pressure makes showering less enjoyable and washing dishes a pain. Sometimes the low pressure can correct itself with a new shower head or faucet.