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Our Plumbing Speciality covers Leak Detection, Blocked Drains, Kitchens, Geysers, Showers, Bathrooms, Toilets, Irrigation Projects, Sewer Pipes & Swimming Pools but to mention a few...

Leak Detection

Classy Plumbers use thermal leak detection imaging, dye-pack leak detection testing, & pressure leak detection testing equipment for accuracy

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Blocked Drains

Classy Plumbers, Drain Unblocking using High Pressure Jet Drain Cleaning Technology and the best drain unblocking equipment for professional and dependable results

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Geyser Install & Repairs

Our highly skilled plumbers install, repair & replace Heat Water Pumps at reasonable rates as accredited licensed professionals in Cape Town

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Residential Plumbing

Residential plumbing services for your home include water, drain and sewer lines, water heaters and every plumbing-related fixture

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Commercial Plumbing

This a specialised field on commercial establishments including maintenance, repairs, and installation activities

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Industrial Plumbing

Refers to the installation, maintenance, & repair of pipes connecting commercial properties / buildings with a water

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Plumbing Consulting

Plumbing design documented plumbing services for buildings. These services are a critical part of the building as they include the supply and disposal of the liquids and gases throughout the building.

Analytics & Detecting

Three different types of plumbing systems; sanitary drainage, stormwater drainage and potable water, Each of these systems have their own unique functions and purposes.

Construction Management

Planning, coordinating & inspecting a construction project in relation to Plumbing which includes four stages: design, procurement, plumbing, & occupancy

Sanitary Drainage System

A sanitary drainage system helps get rid of wastewater, it's designed to dispose of waste from things such as doing laundry & putting food down the drain then transferred to a local sewer system.

Storm Water Drainage

This plumbing is used to carry excess water away from a residential or commercial building in the event of a storm or heavy rains. Rainwater is sent to a storm sewer instead or using portable plumbing water systems.

Portable Water System

A potable water system gets water into a building, it comprises of several pipes connected to a single system. A valve is used to cut off the water supply when pipe leakages are being repaired.

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